A topic that came into my mind recently. So I grabed a pile of post-its (sending my apologies to Mother Earth) to write and feed my home wall around these two topics. I focused on the overarching ones, and started to organize. The result is a digital+lean word cloud.

Digital communication requires a strategy. Content is king and follows the brand, of course. Leveraged by campaigns on relevant channels. Creating value and lead generation that you can measure with key performance indicators, in line with the voice of the customer.

Digital communication involves project management that is agile, mobile first. With an iterative mindset to get the team working on delivering sustainable results through continuous improvement, applying a simple principle: lean.

digital communications + lean

… it’s all about people.

Nicolas Gutron

Ecrivain en herbe fraîche, compositeur aux oreilles décalées et photographe amateur. Et le reste du temps, responsable communication digitale. En quelques mots, quelques notes et des pixels...

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